The prize list for the 2016 edition of the CKGP has been announced and it is impressive, the prizes totalling $10000.

Prize money will be given based on race results in the Junior and Senior category while Novice drivers will receive EB Games certificates. The Masters will compete for Kart parts or related services while the 4-Stroke GT and High Speed GT racers will see bragging rights on the line.

Racers in the Senior, Masters, 4-Stroke GT and High Speed GT categories will also be eligible to win a ticket to participate in a CHUMP car race and a Dream Laps session in a formula car at Calabogie.

Meanwhile, racers in the Junior and Novice classes will also be eligible to win 1 pair of tickets to a Senators' hockey game.

Other prizes include 3 RESPs drawn from the combined junior and novice participants while one Briggs engine will be drawn from the list of all pilots participating in the Briggs Senior, Junior, Masters and Novice classes.

The prize list can be seen HERE.

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